Ravi and Priya

Amidst the mayhem of organising a wedding, perhaps the photography is one of the key considerations. I was in a tight spot due to my 'lastminute.com attitude' towards most things. Discovering you was a god-send! Upon enquiring you gave me a complete run-down of exactly what you would deliver which gave me initial comfort. Throughout the events you were prolific in terms of being invisible...and yet when we eventually saw the photos, we were blown away! They were abstract, they were professional, and they exuded class!! Thank you so much for contributing to my wonderful wedding! Please come back for our anniversary party!!

Kind regards,

Ravi & Priya

Asian Wedding Photography London

Alexander & Florentina

The planning was perfect (Thanks to: the worlds greatest wife), the ceremony was heartfelt, the guests distinguished, the day was simply beautiful. My wife and I remember all of this partially from memory, but mostly from the great still moments captured on that beautiful day. Alongside being a great friend, Ash is probably the most delicate and subtle characters I have had the pleasure of knowing for over a decade. This sips into her photography and creates what I call - 'the invisible lense in the room' effect. Discrete, almost not present but captures the true essence of each evolving moment. Professional, technically brilliant and creatively gifted. Ash, thank you for making our special day last forever. Flo and I are eternally grateful and wish you all the best.

Florentina and Alexander Irune xxx

Asian Wedding Photography London

Avaani (Tim & Kiren)

My Daughter Avaani was 11 months old when we asked you to take some photos of her in our home.  Your approach was very professional and your character is very warming which meant Avaani was very comfortable having her photos taken. we were truly touched after seeing the lovely photos you took of our little precious.              

My wife and I would recommend your work to anyone and thank you for the enjoyable day.

Asian Wedding Photography London

Helen and Vipul

We are so glad that we choose Asha photography as she captured every single part of our sweet themed wedding! We sent copies of our wedding photos to those who were unable to join us and we received a lot of compliments on how well photos came out.

It took us a long time to choose a photographer, as we were looking for someone we can trust. The moment we decided to use Asha Photography, it was smooth sailing from the word GO!
We received a very professional and warm service, she was instrumental in making sure the day ran smoothly and without a hitch.
We couldn't be happier and we are still recommending her to family and friends!
Thank you so much ASHA PHOTOGRAPHY
Your very happy clients
Helen and Vipul
Asian Wedding Photography London

Reshmi and Amit

Asha and Sukh!!! What can we say?! Thank you so so much for capturing our special days. 
You both are such a great team! Asha, you have such a great eye for taking beautiful and memorable pictures. Sukh in the midst  of chaos, you always made us smile and feel at ease. 
We appreciate that you always made time for us and went that extra mile. 
We had a wonderful day, even though we can't relive it we can always go back to those fabulous shots you guys took! We can't thank you enough for all the hard work you put in.
Reshmi & Amit
Asian Wedding Photography London
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